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Web3 Venture Studio

Moonsong Labs operates an innovation lab facilitating the development of next-generation protocols and software infrastructure in Web3. We not only ideate in-house but also welcome external collaboration. Our Venture Studio consists of deeply experienced Web3 entrepreneurs, engineers, and operators with proven track records. Project teams ultimately will spin out from Moonsong Labs to be funded as independent projects.


Ideation and Refinement

Incubated projects benefit from an expert environment with experienced mentors to support in ideation and business plan refinement.  Expertise includes Web3 developer infrastructure, market insights, protocol engineering, business operations, system design, and fundraising.  Ideas are refined, then vetted with customer and VC conversations for viability.


Forming the right core founding team is crucial for project success.  Moonsong Labs has the capabilities and network to recruit key founding team members and engineers who can execute the project vision.

Engineering Services

We offer direct engineering services for design, prototyping, and production implementations.  Our in-house engineering team is highly experienced in delivering and maintaining Web3 protocols. We can enhance project teams and accelerate technical roadmaps.

VC and Service Provider Network

Projects will ultimately become independent companies.  To facilitate this transition, Moonsong Labs has an extended network of VCs and service providers that can fund ongoing development and meet operational project needs.  This capability has evolved from our work on the Moonbeam network.


Moonsong’s focus is on Web3 developer oriented infrastructure projects.  Our team’s work on the Moonbeam protocol has provided us with a specific experience.

Current projects include Tanssi, Glacis, and an additional pipeline of projects.

Build with us.