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About Us

The Moonsong team, including key members of the founding team led by Moonbeam Founder Derek Yoo, bring extensive Web3 experience gained from the hand-ons experience of  successful Web3 launches. We are believers in Web3 as a great catalyst for change in the way users have software native value based interactions. Moonsong Labs extends our specialized services for application development, encompassing not only Moonbeam but also other related Web3 infrastructure projects.  Our goal is to further the larger vision Moonbeam was created with- an interoperable ecosystem resembling a decentralized AWS cloud developer experience.

Core Values

Security First

We prioritize security in all aspects, including the software development, as security  issues represent the single biggest risk. We employ a multi-layered approach to mitigating these risks.


The software we create is open source. We foster open, community-oriented discussions, developing everything we do transparently.


We fulfill our commitments and take responsibility for any mistakes, to be the most reliable partners and providers.


We seek long term solutions, avoiding shortcuts.  We conduct thorough research, prototype, and find technically robust solutions to engineering and other problems.

Customer Driven

We listen carefully to our customers, aligning ourselves with their goals.  The voice of the customer and end-users guides everything we do.


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology. Our belief in the transformative power of Web3 drives us to pioneer accessible and user-friendly advancements while ensuring security and reliability.


Derek Yoo
Olivia Smith
Alan Sapède


Chase Williams
Director of Business Development 
Josh Turnbull
Director of People & Talent 
Bridget Hearst
Director of Marketing 


At Moonsong Labs, our vibrant culture is fueled by a shared belief in Web3, a dedication to secure & transparent software, and a drive for innovation paired with a zest for fun, keeping our team passionate, grounded, and connected.

Build with us.