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Protocol Engineering Services

Moonsong Labs has an experienced team of software engineers that can design and implement Web3 protocols across a variety of technology stacks. Services are project based and managed to ensure success. We are a contributor to the Moonbeam protocol, but also provide implementation services for other Foundations and Projects.

Building with



Rust based protocol development including popular blockchain building frameworks like Substrate / PolkadotSDK.

Ethereum / EVM

The most popular technology stack in the Web3 space used on the Ethereum network and other chains.

Zero Knowledge

ZK L2s such as zkSync Era and Starkware Starknet. ZK Rollup SDKs such as zkStack (zkSync hyperchains).

More coming soon

New technology stacks and frameworks are under development.


Security First

Moonsong Labs operates according to a security first principle.  De-risking security threats is woven through everything we do, including how we approach the delivery of software implementation services.  This includes identification of security threats and mitigation strategies as part of the upfront design, extensive automated tests to ensure proper software behavior, and security partners (audit, bug bounty).


We take a multidisciplinary approach to Web3 software development, including not only software engineering and security best practices, but also incorporating inputs from economics, finance, political science (governance), marketing (community), and other related fields.  This broad approach is needed to create viable Web3 protocol implementations.

Customer Driven

Our process is designed to make sure there is a high degree of alignment with the customer.  We pay close attention to customer feedback and adapt accordingly.  Our customers’ goals become our goals.

Managed Service Delivery

The Moonsong software implementation process is managed by Moonsong.  The process involves an upfront discovery phase, requirements, design, implementation, and delivery.  The customer will have transparent visibility throughout the engagement and have ample opportunity for feedback throughout.


Moonsong engages with different kinds of projects to provide service, which include:

  • Protocol foundations looking to diversify the service providers in their ecosystems to work on core protocol enhancements or accelerate their roadmap.
  • Web3 project teams that want software design and implementation support to get to market faster.
  • Enterprises needing software implementation partners for the blockchain software infrastructure supporting current initiatives.

The Moonsong engineering services team has extensive protocol engineering experience from our work on Moonbeam- an L1 blockchain implementing  Ethereum’s EVM stack with a focus on cross-chain use cases. Learn more about our work on Moonbeam below.

Build with us.