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Introducing Moonsong Labs: Blending Venture Studio with Protocol Engineering Expertise

In a world  where technology constantly transforms, we are excited to introduce Moonsong Labs – a new entity offering a venture studio paired with engineering services that come together to shape today’s innovations while forecasting tomorrow’s breakthroughs.  At Moonsong labs, our Venture Studio and Engineering expertise unite to fuel a diverse range of projects, from internal ventures to external partnerships, all while providing top-tier protocol engineering services and ardently championing the forthcoming wave of innovation.

Harnessing the transformative potential of Web3, Moonsong Labs specializes in blockchain, Web3 protocol development. Web3 represents more than just a technological evolution; it signifies the dawning of a new era of interaction. Our endeavors in crafting open-source software aim to nurture an ecosystem that champions transparency, decentralizes power, and fosters innovative human coordination. 

Moonsong Labs acts as a bridge, connecting visionary concepts with practical, tangible solutions.  Guided by our mission– “To build software that enables more transparent, efficient, and decentralized forms of human coordination” – we are committed to providing a seamless transition between the user-friendly nature of  Web2 and the revolutionary capabilities of Web3.

At the heart of Moonsong Labs is a dedicated team led by Moonbeam Founder Derek Yoo, complemented by key members, each of whom brings a unique perspective of Web3 experience drawn from hands-on roles in successful Web3 launches. Our collective belief in Web3 as a powerful catalyst for change drives us to create opportunities for users to engage in software-native value based interactions. 

The Moonsong – Moonbeam Symbiosis

As a core contributor to the Moonbeam protocol, Moonsong Labs amplifies the growth and diversification of the ecosystem surrounding Moonbeam. This expansion furthers the ecosystem’s resilience, decentralization, and robustness. The vision that Moonbeam represented – of being an interoperable L1 – sits at the heart of Moonsong’s broader ambition – an interoperable ecosystem akin to a decentralized AWS cloud developer experience. 

The long-term dream has been to craft a decentralized counterpart to the AWS cloud—a rich tapestry of specialized services weaving together to curate novel applications. This is where Moonsong Lab’s  Venture Studio comes into play. By creating infrastructure tools and projects, many complementary to Moonbeam, Moonsong Labs helps make this vision a reality.

Acting as a hub for cross-chain use cases, Moonbeam embodies the centralized focus of this grand vision. Moonsong Labs will not only advance Moonbeam but will also deepen its understanding of key technologies like Rust, Substrate and ZK.  With this foundation, we hope to usher in a paradigm of transparent, democratized, and efficient value interactions in Web3 at large.

The Moonsong Methodology 

At the heart of Moonsong Labs lies a steadfast dedication to engineering excellence, which fuels our two-pronged go-to-market strategy. We stand by an unwavering commitment to quality and security, weaving these principles into the fabric of our services. Our objective extends from laying down the foundational infrastructure of Web3 to mastering the intricacies of sophisticated protocol implementations across diverse technology stacks.

Our team’s comprehensive expertise ensures that rigorous security measures are ingrained from the initial stages of every project, safeguarding the integrity of each endeavor from the ground up. We bring a unique synthesis of software engineering prowess and multidisciplinary insights, forging ahead to craft protocols that not only meet but exceed market expectations and user requirements.

Security isn’t just a feature—it’s the cornerstone of our software implementation strategy, building a framework of trust and robustness into every line of code we deliver. Moonsong Labs operates with a keen sensitivity to client and market feedback. Our approach isn’t just about meeting goals; it’s about setting new standards in the Web3 space. 

Venture Studio

The Moonsong Labs Venture Studio focuses on developer-oriented projects to serve as a catalyst for transforming ideas into market ready Web3 projects with an unwavering commitment to quality and security. Our team leads the charge in Web3 development, providing comprehensive support to guide projects toward operational independence:  

  • Innovative Ideation: Blending creativity with expertise to refine ideas.
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: Pinpointing and attracting talent that aligns with the vision.
  • Comprehensive Engineering Support: Our in-house team stands ready to accelerate a project’s technical journey. 
  • Extensive Network Access: With our extensive VC and service provider networks, projects are well-supported through their transition to standalone ventures.

A Glimpse at our ecosystem:

  • Tanssi
  • Glacis: Currently under development
  • More projects coming soon

Engineering Services 

At Moonsong Labs’ Protocol Engineering, we apply a rigorous and methodical approach to build and deploy Web3 protocols. Our skilled engineers collaborate closely with clients to transform technical blueprints into secure, scalable, and market-ready solutions. 

We serve protocol foundations, Web3 teams, and enterprises, focusing on core protocol development, market acceleration, and robust blockchain infrastructure. Our engineers are not just contributors but pioneers in the Moonbeam protocol, showcasing our depth in Ethereum-compatible blockchain solutions.

We prioritize security, embedding risk management in all phases of development, from design to deployment, backed by extensive testing and expert security audits. Our development philosophy incorporates insights from diverse fields to forge resilient and adaptive Web3 protocols.We adapt our strategies to align with client objectives, ensuring responsive and tailored service delivery. From discovery to delivery, we manage every project with full transparency and continuous client interaction.

Technologies We Specialize In:

  • Rust: Leveraging the robust and performant Rust programming language for system-critical software development.
  • Substrate: Building the next generation of blockchains with Substrate. 
  • Ethereum / EVM: Pioneering smart contract and decentralized application platforms.
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Enhancing transactional privacy and scalability with cutting-edge cryptographic methods.
  • More Innovations on the Way: Stay tuned for further technological advancements.

Explore Our Work:

Addressing the Web3 Challenge

Blockchain represents a radical shift from traditional mechanisms—a decentralized, transparent method of value transfer that democratizes systems and ushers in an innovative global ecosystem. The transition from Web2 to Web3 is hampered by accessibility and user-friendliness issues. 

Moonsong Labs confronts this challenge head-on, empowering developers to effortlessly craft secure, scalable, and user-centric Web3 applications. Beyond just development, we’re tackling the user experience infrastructure problem, ensuring the broad adoption of blockchain technologies and enabling seamless value transfer sans intermediaries.

Interoperability is not just a term; it’s the cornerstone of a cohesive Web3 and the guiding light for Moonsong Labs.  Bridging diverse blockchains, interoperability ensures resilience, efficiency, and user-friendliness, unlocking the immense potential of the Web3 sphere.


Through our Venture Studio and Engineering Services, we strive to realize a decentralized AWS experience, crafting infrastructure tools and projects that seamlessly complement Moonbeam and redefine the developer experience. Our commitment to structuring ourselves around Moonbeam emphasizes the ecosystem’s growth and further decentralization. With this foundation, we hope to usher in a paradigm of transparent, democratized, and efficient value interactions to continue building in Web3. 

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