Moonsong Labs has a highly exclusive web3 venture studio where next generation web3 protocols and software infrastructure can be ideated and developed. The venture studio team consists of deeply experienced web3 entrepreneurs, engineers, and operators with proven track records. Incubated project teams ultimately will spin out from Moonsong Labs to be funded as independently funded projects.

Know our methodology

Ideation and Refinement

Incubated projects have experienced mentors to support ideation, market analysis, customer research, and business plan refinement.

Target projects and
relevant experience

The Moonsong incubator has a focus on Web3 developer oriented infrastructure projects.  The incubator teams work on the Moonbeam protocol gives them specific experience in this area.

Incubated projects include Tanssi (https://www.tanssi.network/), Glacis (currently being incubated), and there is a pipeline of additional projects slated for incubation.

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