About the team

The Moonsong team includes key members of the founding team that worked on Moonbeam, including Moonbeam Founder, Derek Yoo. The team gained its web3 expertise building the Moonbeam protocol including experience with web3 dev infrastructure and decentralized protocol implementations.โ€

We are believers in web3 as a catalyst for change in the way humans interact with each other. As we continue our work on the Moonbeam protocol implementation, Moonsong is a way for us to expand the scope of protocol implementation services to other related web3 infrastructure projects.

Core values

Security First

We prioritize security in everything we do including the software we create.


The software we create is opensource, we develop and discuss our software in the open.


We follow through on our commitments, and we strive to be reliable to our partners and to our customers.โ€

Customer Driven

We incorporate the voice of the customer and end users into everything we do.